Anne Frank

by Priscilla from San Diego

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. Anne Frank really wanted to be a journalist and if she did not live in Germany, she would have become a journalist like she wanted. Anne Frank would have been a mother with children, a normal, young lady, but she could not live a normal life because she lived when Adolf Hitler controlled Germany and the people that lived there. Therefore, she was hidden from Hitler. There was a diary that Anne Frank wrote. She wrote about what was going on in her life and how she felt.

Anne Frank’s diary contained information on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Her diary included moments with her family and so on. According to Anne Frank, the Nazis were very judgmental toward the Jews. Meaning things were said to the Jews. They were called mean names. The Nazis were not very fair, they took over Poland and they killed every single Jew they found or they were put into concentration camps. Whoever was suspicious of holding Jews in their houses, and if the people who were hiding Jews confessed, the Nazis would take the Jews and not harm the people who were hiding the Jews. If the people who were hiding the Jews did not confess, and if the Nazis found the Jews, then the people hiding the Jews would be beheaded and/or they were taken to concentration camps where Hitler had most Jewish people die.

The concentration camps contained showers with poisonous gas, but the prisoners had no clue that the showers were deadly. The Nazis gave the Jewish little boys and little girls physical checks to see if the kids were still healthy and if they should keep the kids for Nazi wars. If you were disabled, mentally or physically, you were most likely put to death immediately. The Nazis believed that a healthy nation should not spend money on the mentally disabled. At the beginning in October 1939, on Hitler’s orders, thousands of mentally disabled kids were quietly killed. The Nazis tried killing them without anybody noticing, but that didn’t last long. Many people started noticing that many kids were gone. Anne Frank noticed to, and she was very scared. I’m sure I would be too.

Anne Frank, as you can see, went through a lot, but she didn’t panic as much as the other people that were there at that time. Anne Frank was faithful, that is why I chose her as my hero.

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