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Anne Frank

by Masha

Anne Frank ( (Jana Banin))
Anne Frank ( (Jana Banin))

Anne Frank was a German Jewish girl. She lived in Germany for most of her life. When World War II started she and her family moved to Amsterdam Netherlands where it was safer. Anne and her family lived in a secret annex for two years until they were found by the Nazis. Anne got a diary for her 13th birthday. She named it Kitty and it was like her best friend. On the first page of her book she told the diary that she trusted it and that she hoped she could tell Kitty everything. She is brave, optimistic, and inspiring. Anne Frank is my hero.

Anne Frank was very brave; during the Holocaust being Jewish was not good. People were being found and killed. She knew that even though she could get killed, she had to sit still for ten hours a day and not make a sound. When Nazis would come looking in the shop for people, Anne and her family had to be extra quiet so they wouldn't get caught. Another reason why she is brave is because whenever the Nazis were placing bombs all over the place Anne just laid in her bed thinking and not crying. She heard and watched her friends be captured. Anne Frank went through some tough times but she stuck it out and kept a smile on her face. She wasn't even that old and she had to watch all of these things going on and yet she didn't cry. She was especially brave because being Jewish at the time was not easy and made life really rough.

Anne Frank was a very optimistic person, she always saw the good in people. She was going through a very hard time and there were people who wanted to destroy her family because they were Jewish. Anne knew that even though Nazis were being horrible by capturing Jews she knew that deep inside of them these people were good. She thought about what would happen when the war ended, she would go back to school and be a writer. She got through her life in the annex by just struggling through the tough times. Even though she knew she was a Jew she kept a smile on her face and knew she could live a good life. Then she was captured and her life went down from there. For Anne being optimistic was easy, but when she was captured she was no longer happy and positive.

Lastly Anne was a very inspiring person. She inspired teenage girls and taught them that not everything in life is perfect. When people read her diary, they learned important life lessons. She taught things like to never give up on dreams. Anne wanted to be a writer and she knew that if she ever got out of concentration camp she would pursue that dream. Another thing she taught was that even if people are going through tough times, you should keep your head high and don't let people get to you. Over 30 million people read her book. She didn't get to finish her diary because she died. She taught people that they should never give up even in bad times. That you should keep going and she once said that no matter what happens people are good at heart. Even though she is dead she still inspires men, women, boys, and girls.

In conclusion Anne and her family were eventually found by an anonymous tipper. Her family was captured and separated. Anne was with her sister in the concentration camp, though and her parents weren't together either. Edith Frank died shortly after of starvation. Anne did not make friends and still stayed strong. Since the food was scarce, she and her sister died of typhus. Otto Frank lived and he was let go when Britain took over and let go of all the people in the concentration camps. Later Otto went back to the secret annex and was given Anne Frank's diary by Miep Gies. He then published her book with the help from some editors because the diary wasn't finished. A hero is someone who inspires you, someone who did something important in the world. Anne Frank suffered through a horrible time and my family had to go through that too, because I am also Jewish. This was a horrible time in life and I hope there will be nothing like this again. Anne Frank is my hero she is and she always will be.

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