Ann Frank

by Elisabeth

Young Anne Frank is a great example of how you should love your enemies as Christ loved His. When the Nazis invaded in 1942, the Frank family was forced into hiding. Due to the terrible persecution of Jews, Anne and her family had to hide in an attic of a warehouse. The Frank family called that attic their home for two years until they were discovered and captured. In March of 1945, nine months after she was found, Anne Frank died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen, the prison camp she was taken to. She was only fifteen years old at that time.

During the time the Frank family went into hiding, Anne kept a full diary of her experiences. The papers of Anne’s diary were scattered on the floor along with family photographs. Anne’s last entry said: “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This shows how after everything that she was put through, she still looked to God’s word. God says that you should love your enemies under all circumstances. Anne truly showed that love in her diary by loving the people that made her life a nightmare.

After living in fear for two years because of the Nazi’s invasion she still found love for these people. She showed the wisdom of somebody more mature then her actual age. I believe this should be admired because she showed her unconditional love for her enemies. God also shows unconditional love for us regardless of whether we believe in Him or not. At the age of thirteen she had to live in isolation and uncertainty of what might happen each day. Anne Frank is my hero because of what she had to endure and after all her hardships she continued to look to God and love her family.

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