Anne Frank

by Aish from Fremont

Anne Frank is my hero for various reasons. First and foremost, she was an excellent writer, and I wish to be able to write just like her. For those who don't know her, Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived during the Holocaust. She was born on June 12, 1929. Her first home was in Germany but, like most Jews of that time, she and her family fled to Holland for safety from the Nazis under the command of Adolf Hitler. She is known as a wonderful writer because of the present she received on her 13th birthday - her diary. One needs this background information to be able to comprehend what she wrote about- her life in hiding.

As not having close friends to chat with, Anne used the diary as a source to confide in. She addressed everything she wrote in it to an imaginary friend named Kitty. Her childhood was spent in carefree days in Germany, but soon that carefree life collapsed around her when Adolf Hitler discriminated against Jews, her kinfolk. Her family fled to Holland (at that time, a safe place from Adolf Hitler); her father and his friend started a business there. Leading a happy life, though always under the fear of Nazis, was okay for the Franks but then sooner than they expected, Hitler invaded Holland. The Franks went into hiding in a secret place in Mr. Frank's work place- the Secret Annex.

The Secret Annex was home to eight people in hiding. As Anne didn't go to school, her time was freed up to write in her diary. She wrote so much that her skills became finely tuned. She died in February or March of typhus at a concentration camp which was 9 months after she got arrested. Her father, who survived, read in the dairy that she wanted to publish her diary after the War, so her father, hesitantly, published it for the world to see the War through the eyes of a great Jewish girl.

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Anne Frank was a GREAT WRITER!!!!!