Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Infinity from Ansonia

" A hero isn't just a knight in shining armor. A hero can be any living creature."

My hero, Anne Frank, was born June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She had only one sister, Margot Frank and her parents Otto and Edith Frank. Life was good until the March of 1933, that’s when the Nazi party was elected to power in Germany. That summer, the Frank family moved to the Netherlands, just before Hitler’s ascent to power. On June12, 1942, Anne received her first diary. She cherished the diary for many years. Sadly, on July 5, 1942, Margot Frank was taken by the Germans and was sent to a concentration camp. The very next day the family went into hiding in a place called the “Secret Annex”. There they stayed in hiding for 25 months (this is one of Anne’s accomplishments.). The family was then captured after being betrayed. They were sent to Westerbork Transit Camp by the Nazis. Soon after this in September of 1944, Anne and Margot were sent Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. Nine months later they both died of typhus. Yes, she is dead but she will forever be alive in spirit. The famous “Diary of Anne Frank” was published in over 50 languages and touched 1,000s of people. That’s Anne's biggest accomplishment.

Anne overcame challenges that no one else would attempt. She is a hero for her bravery. Can you imagine living life as being a young girl lying in bed, not making a sound because your life depended on it? She never feared or had breakdowns; she simply lived life to the fullest. Even when being arrested she still never gave up hope. She was surrounded by death all her life but kept a positive attitude. Another heroic trait she had was knowing her time was up. When she thought all her family was dead Anne accepted death. She was already sick when Margot died. She did not know about her death but still somehow sensed it. She gracefully and peacefully accepted death. For that Anne Frank is my hero.

Anne influenced me and many others in many ways but one reason stands out. She helped me and many others believe that even when blocked by the tallest mountain there is always a way to get over it. She did the unthinkable and has had one of the hardest lives in history, but she still lived it to the fullest. Her life was a never-ending nightmare in our eyes, but to her it was the life she had and she made the best of it. If you think your life sucks you’ve never read one of her books. Never become upset and let something bring you down. You don’t have the worst life ever; you’re just upset that you didn’t get what you wanted. Few people's lives really sucked like Anne’s did.

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