Anne Frank

by Abby from Dublin

A hero is someone who does good things. Heroes all over the world continue to inspire people every day. A hero can stay strong in a tough situation, or save people's lives. A hero can be courageous, kind, generous, and caring. They don't have to be in a suit and cape, anybody can be a hero. My hero is Anne Frank.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl growing up during World War II. Anne, her family, and several others spent a few years in The Secret Annex, hiding from the Germans. Anne kept a diary during the war. Eventually the Germans found The Secret Annex, and took everyone in it to camps. The camps were awful and unsanitary. Unfortunately, Anne became sick with Typhus, and died at the age 15. Anne's mother and sister, Margot both died too. In fact, Anne's father was the only person from The Secret Annex who survived. After her death, Anne's diary was found and inspired people all over the world.

Anne Frank was a hero for many reasons. She stayed strong when her family had to go into hiding and when they were in the camps. She wasn't selfish, she got sad when she saw people being led to gas chambers. She was also very patient. She had to be very quiet during the day. The Secret Annex was in an office building, so if they were too loud people would hear them. She was brave too. She had to be brave in The Secret Annex and the camps. She was brave when she got separated from her parents. Anne Frank was also caring. When her sister was sick in the camps, Anne did everything she could to take care of her. Later, Margot died and so did Anne. Anne was a true hero, and she inspired tons of people.Thank you for reading about Anne Frank. I hope that you learned something new and that you enjoyed it.

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