Anne Frank

by Mariana from Maryland

Anne Frank was kept in hiding from the Nazis for over two years, in a small warehouse that her father Otto Frank owned. Anne was a young Jewish girl who had a great passion for writing. When she turned thirteen her parents gave her a diary as a present, and that was where she started writing all her daily habits while in hiding. In a lovely sunny day, August 4, 1944 Anne, her family and friends were betrayed and arrested. After they were all arrested they were sent to different concentration camps and the following events took place, Anne’s mother Edith, died of starvation in January 6, 1945 in Auschwitz, just one day before the camp was liberated. Anne and Margot died in March of 1945 of a disease called Typhus, just a few weeks before the camp was liberated. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, was the only survivor of the family.

Anne was the kind of person that had a very optimistic personality. Even during the time she was in hiding, her great hope of coming out of the Annex alive never faded. This great hope gave enormous amount of moral support to the people who lived around her, giving those you were going through moments of the depression develop some kind of hope in their hearts. A hero should be a very optimistic person and Anne had never given up her faith, until the moment she died.

Anne also demonstrated selfless and patient qualities. Anne was trapped into a hiding place for more than two years, and in addition to not being able to get out of the hiding place at all, she was obliged to stay extremely quiet for most of the morning to make sure no one heard them in the room below them. "Not being able to go outside upsets me more than I can say and I'm terrified our hiding place will be discovered and that we'll be shot.” (Frank, 96). It must have taken a lot of patience, selflessness and understanding for Anne to be able to act in the fair way she did. Only a true hero would have this much understanding of her situation and selflessness towards the events going on in her life.

Besides being optimistic and selfless, Anne was also very strong willed. Before the hiding, in school, Anne’s teacher and classmates described her as an outspoken, energetic and extroverted girl. It took a lot of courage to be outspoken at her time because of the prejudice her race was going through, where anyone could just use what she said against her. She was also described as being very mature in comparison to her age, and she knew exactly who she was and who she wanted to be. She had a strong and well defined personality which made it easier for her to face her troubled times in hiding. Only someone very strong would have been able to be in a concentration camp and see friends dying from illnesses and other friends and family being taken away and never coming back. All that Anne went through during the time in hiding was a lot to handle and only someone as strong willed and optimistic like her would have endured it all.

Anne’s contributions to the world were her great narratives and descriptions of what it was like to be a young Jewish girl during the Holocaust. By providing us with her critical way of thinking and her level of understanding it is easy to picture her life routines and her feelings towards them. She helped opening people’s eyes towards what the Holocaust had been and how it affected many people.

Anne is my hero because she inspires me to follow my dreams and follow my faith no matter how hard the situation is because if I compare myself to the littlest bad event of my life it would not even compare to all her suffering. She makes me think about being the very best person I can be right now so that people will later remember me as someone who cared. She also represents to me someone I can look up due to her great hope and strength to continue even when things seem to not have a solution. I wish she had been remembered for what she did during her life time, not because she was dead.

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