Anne Frank

by Michelle Rodriguez from Blackstone Academy Prep

A hero is courageous and that describes Anne Frank because she was courageous when her family and four other people had to go in hiding. Even though it was an illegal thing to do. If it wasn't for Anne Frank then we will not learn that she was courageous by hiding if she knows it was an illegal process to do. If I was her I would be courageous as well because it is a scary process to do if you don't want to get caught by the Nazis.

Anne Frank is my hero because she has some similar actions like me. She is my hero because when I first saw a movie of her it made me want to learn more about her, her life, and more.

Anne Frank was born on June 14, 1929 in Frankfort Germany. Anne's family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands because they thought that the Nazis would take over Germany. When Anne was nearly 11 years old the Nazis invited over the Netherlands and were discriminating against the Jews with their new laws. Then on July 9, 1942 Anne and her family went into hiding for two years with four other people.

Then on August 4, 1944 Anne, her family, and the other four people were caught and send to Westerbork. Westerbork is a work camp with Jews and Nazis, like a ghetto. Then they were transported to Auschwitz. Auschwitz's was a death and concentration camp. Then Anne and her older sister Margot went to Bergen-Belsen and Anne and Margot died there because of typhus. Anne was 15 years old. Margot was 21 years old.

In conclusion, if it wasn't for Anne Frank is then I wouldn't learn more about her and she would not be my hero until this day. Although she died she is remembered by so many people by her diary, movies, and plays about her.

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