Anne Frank

by Abigail from Dearborn Heights

Compassionate, brave, and strong, Anne Frank helped protect and move her family during the invasion of the Nazis. She was born in Germany in 1929, by her parents Edith and Otto Frank. She also had an older sister, Margot. Anne Frank became known as one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust. Along her journey, she received a diary. All her hardships, facts about her journey, and quotes from others went into it. Little did she and her family know, that their lives would soon be changed forever.

This is where her journey begins. Anne Frank and her family lived in Germany, but unfortunately, that was also where the Nazis were. Also unfortunately, the Frank family was Jewish. And as most of you know, the Nazis were sent by Hitler to capture the Jews and take them to concentration camps. Concentration camps were basically jails for the Jews, even though they hadn't committed any crime. In that case, Anne Frank and her family had to hide.

The Frank family and all Jews tried their best to stay hidden from the Germans. But one day, August 4, 1944, the Nazis arrived. The people in the Secret Annex (a hiding place for Jews) tried their absolute hardest to keep the Nazis from taking them. None of it worked. Anne, Edith, Margot, Otto, and all the other individuals in hiding were arrested.

As we all know they were taken to the concentration camps. Out of the eight that were taken, only Otto survived. One person was killed, another died in the gas chamber, but most Jews died from exhaustion and devastation. Because Otto was the only one who lived, he was given Anne's diary and had it published.

To this day, we all have access to Anne's diary, thanks to Miep Gies and Otto Frank. All of her hardships, journeys, and memories are shared with us. The Franks did have a tragic life, but Anne is now a role model for many individuals today (including me). Although she may not be with us physically, Anne's life and memories will live on through her diary for years to come.

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