Anne Frank

by Carolin from San Diego

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As Anne Frank said "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne Frank is known for her diary she wrote while her family was hiding from the Nazi's during WWII. She wrote about her feelings while she was hiding and about living in the Secret Annex. She kept her special spirit in her diary and was hoping for a change in the world. In 1933 the Frank family had to move to Holland, because Germany was not safe anymore. In 1942 Anne's sister, Margot received a letter about the deportation to a concentration camp. Within a few days the Franks moved into the Secret Annex. They were hiding for two years until August 1944 when the Gestapo (German Secret State Police) discovered their hiding place. All of them got sent into the concentration camp in Westerbork. One month later they got placed in the concentration camp in Ausschwitz. Later, Anne and her sister Margot were taken to Bergen-Belsen where they both died a few weeks before the British troops liberated the concentration camp on April 15, 1945. Anne Frank is a hero to me, because of her strength, motivation and hopeful character. She is also an inspiration to me.

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The person who I consider a hero for my life is Anne Frank because she has shown her strength during World War II when the Frank family had to hide from the Nazis. Anne's father gave her a diary for her thirteenth birthday, which she brought to the Secret Annex in Amsterdam. She started writing about the difficulties of hiding. "The cheerfulness of Frank's writing in such dangerous circumstances, as well as her sensitivity and talent to describe difficult circumstances and the tragedy of her short life, made her diary an instant success." Anne kept her strength during the difficult time hiding in the Secret Annex. Her diary tells about the living conditions with eight people in really small space. She describes what she felt and makes it possible to empathize living her daily life. Anne was only thirteen years old when the Frank's moved into the Secret Annex, but she was one of the strongest people hiding. Everyone else got into fights quickly. Anne kept her emotions within her diary. She tried to give herself positive thoughts and new energy with writing her diary which was like a friend for her. She named it Kitty. She thought that Kitty was just like one of her other friends she was talking to. After a couple months of hiding Anne started thinking more about herself. "Anne reveals an astonishing awareness of human nature and of her own abilities in her entries." With every entry Anne wrote in her diary she gave herself more awareness. Writing made her think about herself as a person. Realizing how much she had changed provided her new strength. She developed a self-confident character and decided not to give up on her dreams. Going through this hard time, she grew into a new person and started seeing herself as a different person. Some of her entries show how much Anne had changed. As the quote says, she gives herself awareness of her own abilities. She finally believed in herself and in her family surviving the hiding time. Living in a small apartment with another family for two years shows a lot of strength which Anne proved herself during World War II.

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Anne Frank is a hero because stayed motivated and hopeful throughout the hiding time in the Secret Annex. Having the struggle of missing her friends, Anne named her diary to personalize it. She wanted to feel like she was talking to her friends. "Despite the horror and fear that each day brought her, she was able to keep alive her spirit and determination. In her diary, she reveals her thoughts to an imaginary friend she called Kitty, a name she got from a Dutch novel for girls that was popular at the time." Her imaginary friend Kitty who was Anne's friend in her diary gave her more motivation for the following months in the Secret Annex. The quote already states, Anne made it possible to never lose her spirit and willpower. Often Anne was struggling with the fear of getting discovered. Her diary has a lot of entries where Anne is writing about her fears. But with her fears she realizes that she has to stay strong.  Anne realized she wanted others to read the thoughts she wrote while they were hiding in the Secret Annex. "Anne hopes for her diary to be published as a novel after the war. That's why she starts rewriting it. But Anne never manages to finish it. She's discovered and arrested before she completes her work." Anne is considered a hero, because she set it her goal to motivate others. Motivation was a great criteria for Anne. She wanted other people to read her diary to know about all these things that had happened to her and her family. Anne started rewriting her diary because her goal was to publish it once the War was over. She hoped and believed so much that there will be a better time after the War. She is a real hero, because she saw the world in a different way and believed that people will change and everything will turn out in a positive way. In all, Anne's motivation helped her staying strong throughout the time hiding and gave her hope.

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Anne is an inspiration for me because she stayed strong in the two years her and her family were hiding. She was not able to see the world outside her window. Anne's family had to stay quiet the whole day. Living in a small apartment with two families made the stay harder, but Anne never lost the hope that everything will change soon. Anne's father Otto was the only one who survived the concentration camp after they got discovered by the Gestapo and SS. Friends who helped him hiding from the Nazi's gave him Anne's diary. He read Anne's diary and decided to publish it. " 'Never had I imagined the depths of her thoughts and feelings,' he later admitted. When he told friends about the diary, many of them urged him to find a publisher for it. At first he resisted, but gradually he came to recognize that his daughter's words of bravery and her embrace of life under even the most difficult circumstances deserved to be heard." Anne is an inspiration because she described her feelings in a special way. She writes about her deepest thoughts and intimate feelings with her diary. During the time Anne and her family were hiding, they had not a lot of room for privacy. Anne was able to describe her daily life of the families in a funny, but yet realistic way. Her father started realizing how much the diary meant to Anne and helped her stay strong. He is fascinated by her deep thoughts and feelings she wrote about while they were hiding. Later, he decided everyone should read what Anne wrote. Anne's life and especially her diary has been representing the difficult life of Jews. "Through her diary, Anne Frank's life has become a metaphor, a symbol for the six million Jews who were murdered in concentration camps during World War II, as well as for all people persecuted or discriminated against for their beliefs, their race, or any other reason given at that time or since." Anne's diary turned out to become a great new friend while she was living in the Secret Annex. She finally had someone to talk to since the relationship with her mother and sister was not close or strong. She explained the circumstances in which she was forced to live in detail. Reading her diary Anne let everyone feel the way Jews were feeling during World War II when the Nazi's took over Germany and other European countries. Everyone who read Anne Frank's diary was able to imagine her life in the Secret Annex. With writing her diary, Anne transferred us into her world. Most of her diary entries were positive and she kept herself strong with writing about positive things. She grew from a little girl into a young woman who filled herself with more self-awareness. In the end, Anne is an inspiration because she kept her positive thoughts while she was hiding in fear. She inspires me with her strong character. Anne Frank is considered as my hero, because through her strength she grew from a little girl into a young woman while she was hiding for two years. Keeping her thoughts in her diary gave her a lot of motivation and self-awareness. With her hopeful mind that everything will turn out better once the War is over she stayed positive and self-confident. Anne is a great inspiration because her diary shows how thoughtful she is. Her diary explains what she was going through, her fears and also hopes. Anne Frank's strength, motivation, and inspiration make her a hero.

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