Anne Frank

by Zach from San Diego

Anne Frank ( ())
Anne Frank ( ())

   Anne Frank is a major inspiration to me. Born in Frankfurt,Germany on June 12, 1929, Anne grew up happily with her wealthy parents who are known as Otto and Edith Frank. Anne only had one sister named, Margot. Things changed when the Nazi Party won german office in 1933. In this era, Jews were discriminated, segregated and mercilessly tortured. Anne was an aspiring young girl who gave hope to others in times of fear. Even to this day, Anne Frank is widely considered to be a hero to everyone. Before the holocaust, Anne lived a relatively peaceful life with her family. She went to school and played with her only sister. The Franks were a liberal Jewish family and were taught to tolerate other people. Both Anne and Margot were taught to respect their neighbors. Anne and her parents were proud of being German...until the Nazi party won office in 1933. This is the beginning of the end for the Franks.

Anne with her older sister, Margot. ( ())
Anne with her older sister, Margot. ( ())

In 1942, Anne and her family received a disturbing letter from the Nazi party. The letter was about Margot's deportation or, the legal removal from the country. Otto had no choice but to decline the letter and escape with his family. Many owners of Jewish businesses were replaced with non-Jewish business owners. Otto however, was able to work his way around this problem by giving his business to a close friend named Victor Kugler. Through the help of a trusty accountant named Jo Kleiman, Otto and his family went into hiding in a hidden apartment  known as, the secret annex on July 6,1942. One week later, another family known as the van Pels moved in with the Franks. On November 1942, a dentist known as Fritz Pfeffer moved in with the other families. On her thirteenth birthday, Anne received a special diary as gift. Anne later wrote remarkable things in her diary. At the beginning of her first few entries, she wrote about an anonymous person named Kitty. Kitty was later revealed to be an imaginary friend of Anne. Most of Anne's diary contains information about living with the seven other individuals in the secret annex and Kitty. Anne also wrote about her hopes and dreams, waiting for this war to end and to be with her family, Margot, and her puppy love for Peter van Pels. Sadly, on August 4, 1944, the Gestapo (secret police force), had found the secret annex through a fearful Victor Kugler. Anne and the other residents were arrested and sent to Nazi transit. camps in Westerbork.

Anne Frank to me, is a hero. First, I see Anne Frank as my role model because of her influence on everyone. During her time in the secret annex, Anne Frank basically lit up everyone's life. From comforting her sister to playing around with Peter van Pels, Anne always had this notion to make others feel better. Secondly, is Anne's journal. Her journal makes me think about a story of hope, perseverance, and fear. Anne received her diary on her thirteenth birthday. The diary was mainly about hiding in the annex, Anne's hopes and dreams and Peter van Pels. Basically, Anne Frank is a hero to me because of her hope and wisdom.

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