Anne Frank

by Alexis from Farmersville

Anne Frank had hidden out in a secret place with family and friends till they were all found by the Nazis. She was forced to go into hiding during the Holocaust. She would put her thoughts in her diary so she could overlook what she had written through her days hiding. Anne was a Jew and at the time they were hiding that's when the Nazis were taking all the Jews to a concentration camp. When she wrote she said, "When I write I can shake off all my cares". She was a great writer and it was a passion for her to say what she was feeling. She had so much courage to take on this big step.

Anne Frank was a writer who had gone into hiding. She wrote about every day as if it was her last day. My hero was 15 at the time and was the youngest in her family. The Franks were in the upper middle stage of German-Jewish family. Anne was born at a dramatic time with society. Anne Franks lived in Amsterdam. That is when the Nazis took over Germany and were sending people to camps and separating the boys and girls. She was born in Frankfurt in a part of Germany called Weimar.

My hero lived from June 12th, 1929 - February 1945. When she passed away she was 15 years old. She and her sister Margot got sick when the had been sent to the concentration camp. Anne's mother Edith Frank, had gone through starvation to feed her own kids. A typhus was spreading, killing over 17,000 prisoners. Anne Frank later died from it, then soon after Margot was too weak to even move off of her bed and had caught the typhus and died. Frank made a difference by being a writer at such a young age and later didn't know that her writing would become history for everyone to see. Her writing meant so much to everyone in the world.

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