Anne Frank

by Sarah from Glenbrook Middle School

“A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.” ~Joyce A. Myers

Anne Frank was born on June 12th in Frankfurt Germany. She had a father named Otto, a mother named Edith, and a sister named Margot. Anne spent her childhood in hiding from the Nazis because she was Jewish. I chose Anne Frank as my hero because she was brave even though she had to go into hiding. Anne’s diary tells us all about her childhood and how she had to deal with people discriminating against her because she was Jewish. Anne Frank was also hopeful because she wanted to survive and not go to the concentration camps. She was also determined which is an amazing quality to have.

On Monday July 6th, 1942 the family went into hiding. Since Jews were not allowed to use public transportation the family walked far away from their home, each of them had to wear several layers of clothing because they did not want to be seen carrying any luggage. The door to the Achterhuis, where Anne and her family hid, was covered by a book case to make sure it stayed hidden from the Nazis. Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, Miep Gies, and Bep Voskuijl were the only people who knew of the Jews in hiding. Gies’ husband Jan Gies and Voskuijl’s father Johannnes Hendrik Voskuijl, were the helpers that brought supplies to them for the duration of their confinement. On September 1944, the family was deported to Westerbork to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and arrived to the camp after a three-day journey. Anne Frank is a hero because she almost survived the Holocaust, and because she was in hiding for so long with other families as well. The hiding place that Anne and her family hid in was behind a bookcase in the house and no one knew about the place except the residents of the house, who helped the family stay hidden. Anne was in hiding for 25 months in an Amsterdam “secret annexe” with her parents, sister, and four other Jews hiding from the Nazis. Anne died of typhus in one of the German concentration camps in 1945, three months before her sixteenth birthday.

Anne Frank is inspirational because she wrote her diary and that has impacted many people’s lives today. Anne’s diary inspired people because she wrote about the Holocaust and what it was like from her point of view, instead of an adult’s. She also wrote about her childhood and family.

In conclusion Anne Frank is my hero because she is so inspirational. She is also my hero because she is so amazing for leaving her diary and being so young during the Holocaust. Anne did not make it through the Holocaust because someone heard them and told the Nazis where they were. But, even in hiding, and after, Anne was brave and determined. All of these reasons are why Anne Frank is my hero.



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