Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Guadalupe from Lagrangeville

Anne Frank was an amazing writer who went through a lot but had a lot of hope. She had to hide for three years, at first she didn’t like it, but then she became very patient. When all Jewish people went to a camp, the Jewish didn’t have any more hope in them, but Anne Frank did.

Anne Frank moved a lot because she was Jewish. Adolph Hitler didn’t allow Jewish people to go at the same school at non Jewish people. Hitler was very convincing to a lot of people, he convinced them that Jewish people didn’t love Germany and they just needed Germany for big businesses for work. He also told them that if all Jewish people took all the businesses, there weren’t going to have any work for them. A lot of people believed him and started banning Jewish people from stores and banned some of their rights too. For example, they didn’t allow them to own cars and ride bikes. But Anne Frank`s parents were lucky to find one. When Hitler banned Jewish people in some places in Germany, Anne Frank had to walk two miles because Jewish people couldn’t use transportations. Then it got worse for Jewish people, Hitler sent all Jewish people to a camp and many died. A couple of them were Anne Frank and her family but her father was still alive. When her father read her diary he didn’t know that his own daughter felt so much hatred to Hitler and he didn’t know his daughter was a very brave girl. He published her diary and now it is translated in eighty different languages. Anne Frank is different from everyone because she went through all those horrible events in her life at a very young age. For example, most thirteen year olds don’t have a life like hers but if they did they wouldn’t be brave at all, but Anne Frank was.

Anne Frank inspires me because she lived at a time when life was hard. She is brave and has a lot of faith. If I lived at that time I would be so scared and afraid of everything. She had a lot of faith because she knew everything in Germany was going to get better. She has a great impact on my life because she was young and couldn’t have the life I have. She would give up anything to have what I have.

Anne Frank is my hero and she defines the word hero because a hero is someone who you look up to. Anne Frank went through and had a lot of faith, hope, patience and bravery. Anne Frank is not the only hero, other Jews went through a lot too. I really admire that she never quit in anything. She had to go to several different schools and learn different languages at different times. Also she wrote an amazing diary that helped us see the bright in life because she didn’t have a lucky life like we do. We should all admire her life and other Jews too for all they went through.

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