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Anne Frank

by Shawna from Lake Country, Canada

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank........what can I say? She was a Jew who had to move away from her friends, her home, her cat and her childhood. She went into hiding with her family because Hitler was sending all Jews to concentration camps where you can get very sick and sometimes you can be sent to the gas chambers. Hitler was a bad, bad, bad, bad man. He had so many anti-Jewish laws that one day it drove Anne and her family away from their home.

Anne and her family moved secretly to the back of Anne's dad's office building where non-Jews would look after them. They spent years in that office which they called "The Secret Annex". One day they were caught and had to go to concentration camps. Everybody except Anne's dad survived. When Anne's dad went back to the annex, he found Anne's diary which she kept the whole time they were in the annex. Anne's dad decided to publish Anne's diary because she had always wanted to be an author. You can now get her diary in Chapters or your local bookstore and don't feel bad about reading her diary!

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Extra Info

Anne Frank died of typhus(a deadly disease) at the age of 15 or 16.