Anne Frank

by Brenna from Lincoln

Anne Frank lived an interesting life. When Anne was little she was a troublemaker. She could lift her arm in the air and swing it around super fast it would make a loud CRACK! She wasn’t done with her homework. Her mom called Anne a social butterfly. Anne’s full name is Annelies Marie Frank. Anne would rather talk than listen in school. She had a sister named Margo. Anne thought of 1937 as her favorite because her family and friends were with her.

She knew where to hide if Germans invaded. Anne got a diary that also prepared her. She also heard news about the Nazis invading.

Anne Frank gave us her life story. She also gave us her diary to read. Her memories are the the most precious however.

She’s my hero because she was a fighter. She fought to live. She fought not to be in a concentration camp. Her sister Margo died of typhus, a disease. Her mom died to typhus too. Her father did not die. He lived to publish Anne’s diary.

Annelies Marie Frank died thinking she was alone in the world.

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