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Anne Frank

by Cheyenne from Corpus Christi

Anne Frank at, 13
Anne Frank at, 13

Anne Frank had been hiding from the Gestapo before they found them. Before that her and her family were hiding from them for 25 months in a hiding place in there house.The hiding place was behind a bookshelf.

They had to pour water in the tub to take a bath. Anne was the last one to take a bath, so the tub wasn't that hot when she took a bath. To get food 2 Adults went out to get food, not a lot but enough to last for a little time till next time they go to get more. As they were in there Anne's mom had got her a diary so she can write in it, what she was thinking. Anne Frank always looked on the bright side of things, even when the World War 2 happened.

Behind the book shelf
Behind the book shelf

The Gestapo caught the whole family. They were all taken to concentration camps. Edith Frank, Anne's mother died of starvation in Auschwitz, a day before the camp was liberated. Margot, Anne's sister, and Anne died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen a few weeks before it, too, was liberated. Otto Frank Anne's father was the only survivor from the family. She is my hero because, she and her family were so smart to hide behind the bookshelf, she looked in the bright side of things.

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