Anne Frank

by Richie from San Diego

Anne in 1942 (
Anne in 1942 (

Through Anne’s diary and everlasting words we have a glimpse into who she was. Anne Frank was originally born in Germany. Anne emigrated to Holland after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. Anne was a German Jew, and when the Germans entered Holland she was subject to anti-Jewish laws. They eventually went into hiding, and were found. Anne’s courage and strength, helped get her through hard times and her kind heart helps us remember her.

Anne smiling happily  (
Anne smiling happily (

Anne Franks diary helps us remember what terrible crimes happened to her. Anne Frank’s courage and perseverance helped her through hard times. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Germany. Her father Otto came from a wealthy family, and following Adolf Hitler's rise to power they left Germany for Holland. Eventually Germany occupied Holland and began to impose anti Jewish laws. Then Annes sister Margot was told to report to the Germans to be deported, and they went into hiding. The Van Dans also joined them, then a last person joined them. Eventually they were discovered and taken to concentration camps. Anne Frank died of Typhus in a camp called Bergen-Belsen in 1945. [Anne’s diary has allowed us to sympathize with her situation today, hopefully she finally receives] “the justice that was so easily denied to her”[back then].

Anne Frank’s situation alone, and how she handled it by writing in her diary, shows us how courageous she really was. Anne’s strength gives us inspiration, and we sympathize with her “Anne’s diary helps us remember what there is to forgive… (Morton)” We are able to see what Anne went through, and it reminds us what happened so many years ago. Her situation shows us all strength. “The quality of both her death and life have given Anne Frank and extraordinary status in our culture.(Morton)” The quote is significant because it helps us understand more of what happened to Anne, and how hard it must have been for her to deal with it. Anne Frank was a truly amazing, courageous person, giving inspiration to the rest of the world.

Anne doing what she loves writing (
Anne doing what she loves writing (

Anne Frank demonstrates another good reason of why she is a hero when she does not let what’s going on in the world end her life, she keeps going. Through her diary we see what happened to Anne. “Franks diary is at once a candid self portrait, a portrayal of domestic life (Mendelsohn)” Anne dealt with her situation which is important to understand Anne. Anne wrote which would have been hard to do, to have to write about her horrible experience. She was a true hero, “She knew she had moods, and she could write eloquently about them.(Morton)” Anne is a real person, going through hard things, she was a hero. She did not let life get her down. Anne’s strength and courage shows us how she is a hero.

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