Anne Frank

by Surin from Nanjing

Anne Frank (
Anne Frank (

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who lived during WORLD WAR || (1939 - 45) She was a happy, lively and playful girl. She was also intelligent. She was from Europe, she was born in Germany.

Her father was Otto Frank. He was a calm, thoughtful man, and Anne adored him her whole life. Her grandmother on her fatherʼs side Alice Frank - stern, whose ancestors had lived in Frankfurt for more then 400 years. Otto was one of four children. He had two brothers, Robert and Herbert, and a younger sister known as Leni. According to Anne, he father had enjoyed “a little rich boyʼs upbringing.”

In January 1942, Anneʼs maternal grandmother, Rosa, died of cancer. For Anneʼs 13th birthday in June, she had a small party. Her favorite gift was a diary, given to her by her father. Soon afterward, War broke out in Europe. Anne and her parents went into hiding to escape persecution, and she wrote a diary about the events. She died in a concentration camp, at the age of 15, but her diary survived and is world famous.

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