Annelies Marie Frank

by Emily from Atglen

Annelies Marie Frank
Annelies Marie Frank

Have you ever had a diary that became famous? Annelies Marie Frank did. Also known around the world as Anne Frank, this young girl's diary changed the life of many people. Anne Frank was born on June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Wiemar Germany and lived until early March 1945. She was only 15 when she died of typhus in a concentration camp in Germany.

Accomplishments and Obstacles

In her short life she did a lot of amazing things such as writing a diary that became famous after she died. It was translated in 80 different languages! Also, she kept her diary all throughout World War 2. She survived hiding, until she and her family were arrested and thrown into a concentration camp to die. Another amazing thing was she never gave up on hope and that's really hard. Some obstacles she had to overcome were being sent away from her home into a concentration camp run by the German. Second, when her dad was sick with the flu and they couldn't go to the doctor while in hiding. Those are some accomplishments and obstacles of Anne Frank.


Some traits that make Anne Frank a hero to me are perseverance- Anne Frank constantly had to overcome obstacles of hunger, sickness, boredom, and death while in hiding with her family. Another trait that makes Anne Frank a hero is valor- Anne Frank had to risk her life to go into hiding because if her and her family gets caught they would get thrown into a concentration camp and get killed. The final trait that makes Anne Frank a hero is courage- Anne Frank was captured by the German and thrown into a concentration camp. She had to have courage to survive there. Those are some traits that make Anne Frank a hero.


Anne Frank had a lot going on in her life so here are some facts about Anne Frank:

·         The diary was given to Anne on her 13th birthday, and she wrote in it until she was taken to the concentration camp.

·         Anne Frank dreamed about becoming an actress. She loved watching movies, but the Dutch Jews were forbidden to go to movie theaters from January 8th 1941 onwards.

·         Her mom's name is Edith Frank, her dads name is Otto Frank, and her sister's name is Margot Frank.

·         Anne Frank was alive at the time that Hitler was taking over Germany.

·         After the war Otto Frank found her diary and published it.

·         On August 4th 1944, everyone in the secret annex (where they were hiding) were arrested, some one betrayed them.


My hero

Anne Frank is my hero because she loved to write in a diary that would become world famous and she didn't even know. Also she is like me in so many ways she loves to write and wants to become an actress. That's why Anne Frank is my hero.                                                     

By: Emily Dyer

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