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Anne Frank

by Seth from Drayton Valley (unknown) (unknown)

I chose Annelies Marie Frank to write about. She was born June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. Anne Frank was famous for surviving two years in hiding with barely any food or drink. She was called a hero by spending two years in hiding.

Anne Frank spent her childhood in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne's family was Jewish; her parent were Otto Frank, and Edith Frank; also she had one sister Margot Frank . The Nazis joined the war and hated Jews; many were killed, arrested, or sent to concentration camps. It affected Anne and her family brutally. Anne wrote in a diary called Kitty, it was a gift from her father and she wrote what happened in her life when she lived in the annex .Her family all believed in her dream of the war ending and them making it out safely. (unknown) (unknown)

Anne Frank was not able to get a job because when she was young she got taken out of school and she couldn't do anything. She also did not attend a college or a junior high or high school; also Anne did not train in anything or have a job.

Anne's biggest goal was to survive the war. Tragically she did not achieve her one and only goal in her lifetime. The biggest change in her life is when the Nazis tried to take over and they started to kill all the Jews or arrest them and take them to concentration camps. Anne's biggest accomplishment was that her diary Kitty got printed and made into a book after her death.

Picture of Anne (Wikipedia  (unknown))
Picture of Anne (Wikipedia (unknown))

Anne Frank made a difference in the world by writing in her journal while in hiding and her whole life got published and is known worldwide. There would be no one thinking they can survive that long with little food or water. This person should be remembered for surviving that long in hiding with little hope. The biggest lesson would be to never give up on life. Anne has influenced me to never give up. I would not like to be Anne Frank because she died young but she is remembered greatly. Anne died in March, 1945 in a concentration camp in Bergen-Belson.

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