Anne Frank

by Alan from Fresno

From year (1929) to the early March (1945) were the tough times for the Jewish victims that had suffered from the Holocaust. Anne Frank had lived most of her young life in or near Amsterdam in the section of Netherlands where she lived with her sister Margot and her father Otto. Anne Frank had been born a German National, she had lost her citizenship in 1941. She had lost her citizenship after the Germans passed the law named anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws. After time because of the Nazis to control, they had to leave their home, where they would stay hidden from the Nazis.

The family had to hide in the father Otto's office building.  After two years the family was betrayed and they were sent to a  Concentration camp. Anne Frank and her sister Margot after time had been sent to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Time after that were Anne Frank and her sister Margot had died of typhus on March 1945. After the death of the Frank family  the father Otto was the only survivor. Otto left to Amsterdam where he went to his home.

Otto had returned back to Amsterdam after war had finished. Otto had found that Anne Frank's diary had still been in good condition to read. After Anne's diary was published in 1947. Anne's book had been translated from the original language. The first one published in English was in 1952. After that she was made a hero by many People. People have been looking up to her since her death.

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