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Anne Frank

by Melita from Brea

Anne Frank's diary (
Anne Frank's diary (

Anne Frank was a normal schoolgirl whose life was abruptly changed by World War II and the Holocaust. To avoid being caught by the Nazis, she was forced to suddenly leave her home behind and go into hiding in a small concealed apartment above her father's work office. Anne, her family, and a small group of others lived in the "Secret Annexe" for twenty-five interminable months. Even in the horrors of war, she always tried her best to face every difficult day with her head held high. While in hiding, Anne wrote a diary, which showed her determination, courage, and hope for a better future. Her journal is a window to the past and, even today, impacts people's lives.

In the "Secret Annexe", Anne learned to deal with many hardships. Amsterdam, where she lived, was in the middle of a brutal war, and she often heard bombs being dropped by planes nearby. She and her family were aware that they could have died at any moment, but Anne never truly panicked. In fact, she was very positive about situations like this. Anne was quite lonely in the beginning of her stay at the "Secret Annexe", often complaining to her diary about boredom and monotony. In time, she was able to befriend a fellow escapee, a seventeen-year old Peter Van Daan. Anne had to also cope with a very limited supply of the basics, like food or toiletries. What was especially difficult for her was sharing one bathroom with seven other people. Anne's determination to adapt to life in extreme conditions makes her a true model in today's world, when we take necessities for granted.

Anne's diary still touches people's lives, even so many years after the war. Her journal is referred to as a window to the time of World War II and the Holocaust. Through her story, we learn that we are very lucky to live in such peaceful times today. Anne's diary teaches the importance of equality and justice. It shows how terrible war is, and that we should never let events like this happen again. In addition, readers see that even at a young age, by doing something as small as writing a diary, they could become heroes like Anne.

To some, Anne may not be a hero. People may argue that she was not directly involved in the war. Others believe that her diary did not impact today's society in any way, but was simply a stack of a girl's notes. Some may feel that Anne and her family were selfish to go into hiding, while thousands of other Jews died. Though this may be true, Anne did earn her place in history by leaving behind an important reference to the hard times she lived in. Her positive attitude and the ability to put humor into every situation may serve as an example of a great character.

Through Anne Frank's diary, we see her as a hero who was always strong in difficult times. Her writing affected many people, passing on the message of courage and hope. We need to understand how lucky we are to live in peace today, and never take anything we have for granted. Anne Frank's journal shows how our lives can be changed anytime, and if not always for the better, how important it is for us to be positive in any situation.

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