Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Corrine from Selden


A hero is somebody who you think is a great person. Heroes are role models, or people that you look up to. This person doesn’t have to be your favorite football player or baseball player. Even a child can be a hero. My hero is Anne Frank.

Anne Frank’s birth name is Annelies Marie Frank. Anne was born on June 12th, 1929 and died in 1945 at the age of 15. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany, but died in a concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen. The Franks were Jewish, and living during the dictatorship of Hitler, Anne had a tough life. Also, Anne was one of the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust. During her life, she moved many times to escape Hitler’s dictatorship. Anne had a very complex life.

Anne Frank greatly contributed to societies worldwide. Her diary was a big contribution. She wrote all of her feelings in the diary, which she named “Kitty.” Her diary told about the harsh life she lived in hiding. When her diary was published, she became a symbol for the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust. Not only was her published diary a contribution, it was an achievement. Anne had always wanted to be a journalist. In her diary she wrote, “My greatest wish is to be a journalist, and later on a famous writer.” Anne Frank’s contributions and achievements changed societies worldwide.

Anne Frank’s harsh life caused some obstacles. One of her biggest obstacles was being in hiding. Their hiding place, the Secret Annex, was shared by 8 people. The Annex was very tight with 8 people. Anne had to share a room, which she was surprisingly pleasured to. Hiding in the Annex, the 8 people had to be on a close lookout. The risk of getting caught by the police was big and there would be brutal consequences if they got caught. To prevent this risk, they had to stay inside as much as possible. Also, they had to keep noise at a minimum. They even had to limit the hours they used the 1 bathroom they shared! Not only was hiding a big obstacle, keeping hope was another big obstacle for Anne. She greatly struggled in staying hopeful. Sometimes she was hopeful. Yet, sometimes she wanted to cry. There were times when Anne just embraced death, but she felt a feeling of hope from her heart. Anne encountered many obstacles in her life, and it teaches us to get back on our feet when we are knocked down.

Anne Frank is an astonishing hero. She teaches us to be hopeful. Also, her complex life teaches us to appreciate what we have. On the outside, Anne seems as any normal girl. But on the inside she’s a hero, and she’s my hero.

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