Anne Frank

by Kiera from Los Angeles

A hero is a person who does something amazing without wanting to be recognized. If there's a reward some would take it some won't. Heroes can save lives on a daily bases or just a one time thing but they still helped the world. My hero didn't save any lives in 9/11 or run in the Olympics with no legs. Some people don't appreciate what she did but one thing that matters is that I think she's a hero!

Anneliese Marie "Anne" Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her Dad, Otto, her Mom, Edith, and her sister, Margot, were Jewish. Some Germans didn't like the Jews because they were different than they were like Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany.

The Franks were terrified about going to concentration camps so they moved to Amsterdam where Germany did not invade yet. One night the Germans invaded. The Franks needed a place to stay where the Germans could not find them. Otto Frank found a place that they called The Secret Annex, a small set of rooms secretly located behind a bookshelf in an office building.

Edith got Anne a diary which Anne called Kitty. She wrote in it all the time about her time in hiding. She wrote about other families that lived with them. She wrote about how scared she was if the Germans found them. She wrote about a night, the scariest night of her life, her nightmare, Anne heard stomps and things crashing. It was the Germans trying to find Jews where she was staying. Anne, her mom, and her sister were all sent to concentration camps, places where Jews were forced to work as slaves, while their dad was sent to a different one, Anne and Margo were sent to a different concentration camp than their Mom. Otto, Anne's dad, was about to be sent to the gas room but plans changed and he wasn't sent in.

Anne came down with a high fever. She died in March of 1945 in the Belsen Concentration Camp in Lohheide, Germany, just a couple of days before the concentration camp was freed. Otto Frank was the only one left alive. He found Anne's diary and published it and it is famous all around the world today.

Anne Frank isn't much of a hero to some people but to me she makes me see the world in a whole other perspective. Since she was Jewish she was treated a whole other way. She makes me not see people like, oh they're Jewish, oh they're African American - she makes me see the world in one, it doesn't matter what race or religion you are. We are all part of the human race.

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