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Anne Frank

by Jemma from Los Angeles

Anne Frank was a childhood hero who helped the world to learn about what it was like to be forced into hiding by the Nazis during World War II. Anne, her sister Margot, and their parents Edith and Otto (joined by Herman, Auguste, and Peter Van Pels) hid from being sent to concentration camps by the Nazis. The way we know about Anne and her family is because on her 13th birthday Anne received a diary which she used to describe what was happening until she died of a disease in March 1945 within a day of her older sister Margot.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne and her family were in hiding for two years because of an act that was imposed on July 6, 1942. This anti-Jewish measure was activated in not only the Netherlands but most of Europe. On Anne's 13th birthday she received a diary in which she wrote about herself and what was going on in her life. In the Annex with them was the van Pels this family of 3 consisted of Herman van Pel, Augeste van Pel and Peter van Pel. Otto's employees kept these two families informed on the outside world and provided food.

On August 4, 1944 a German secret police officer and 3 Dutch Nazis stormed into the secret annex and arrested everyone in it, the Franks were sent away to concentration camps where they were separated by boys and girls, this was the last time Otto saw of his wife and daughters. After many months of moving heavy bricks and stones Anne and Margot were sent away to a different camp. Soon after Edith died on the day of January 6, 1945. Anne and Margot did not live much longer either, in March 1945 Anne and Margot died of a very severe disease within a day of each other, it seemed good timing too because just a week later the Nazis annihilated the camp. Otto was the only one to survive of the Frank family. A group of girls who had been with Anne and Margot told Otto the very depressing news that his family was all dead. When he returned to the secret annex he found that one of his workers had saved Anne's diary. Eventually he had the strength to read and in a letter he wrote to his mother he quoted "She is a whole new child to the one I lost." On June 25, 1947 Otto had Anne's diary published.

I chose Anne Frank because she is an example of strength and courage in times when the worst is never as bad as it will get. She also is very intelligent for the amount of struggles she had to go through. For example, she had to move around a couple of times yet she kept her education up. She also found the courage and strength to go against all laws in place by making a diary and staying hidden.

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