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Anne Frank

by Caroline from Columbus

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anne frank (

Anne Frank grew up when the hatred of Jews had just begun. In Anne’s diary she always wrote to an imaginary friend named Kitty. Anne’s diary was mostly organized because she was planning on getting it published after the war.

Anne Frank sitting at her desk,age 12, Netherland (
Anne Frank sitting at her desk,age 12, Netherland (

Anne was involved in the war most of her life. When she was little and about five, she and her sister were not very concerned about Jews’ safety. When she was thirteen, on her birthday, a family friend gave her the diary. Then she wrote down things from school for the first few months before her family went into hiding. After her family went into hiding, she had few close friends in the attic so she wrote to an imaginary friend named Kitty.

Anne was in hiding for two years before her family and friends were turned in by an anonymous caller. Anne had a sister named Margret. A family friend brought them the newspaper and groceries every morning. In the newspaper it told of everything going on in the war. One day in the newspaper there was an article about a man who was going to publish a book on things about the war. That gave Anne an idea to publish the stories she had in her journal.

Later in life, Anne’s family was captured, separated, and sent to concentration camps. Anne was still with her sister Margret at the concentration camp when her sister contracted typhoid. This is a disease you can die from unless treated properly. Sadly, she died. A few days later Anne got sick and also died. Of all the people in the attic, Anne’s father was the only one to survive. When his camp was liberated, he returned to the attic where his family had lived for so long and found Anne’s diary in her room. He remembered she was going to publish it, so he published it for her.

Anne Frank is my hero because she endured so much in the war but she still had faith and still believed that people were relatively good. She saw people of all ages being killed, beaten and tortured from her attic window, but she was still hopeful.

Anne Frank is my hero because of her faith, her hope, and all the wonderful words she has written in her diary. She is an example for us all. She is also my role model and a great person to look up to.

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