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Anne Frank

by Sophia from Laguna Beach

Anne Frank ( ())
Anne Frank ( ())

Anne Frank is a very inspirational girl. She went through many tough times and fought through difficult moments and I 

believe that she is a hero. Anne was born on June 12, 1929. She and her family, father Otto, mother Edith, and older sister 

Margot, lived in Frankfurt am Main, Weimer, Germany. At this time, Germans were invading Jewish homes and they would 

persecute most of the Jews and their families. These Germans called Nazis had an evil leader named Hitler. They made Jews 

wear the Star of David on all of their clothes so everyone would know that they were Jewish.  This was during World War Two.

Anne and her family were Jews. The Franks had to go into hiding. Anne was around thirteen years old when this 

happened. Since the Jews were not allowed to use any kind of transportation, they had to walk all the way to their destination. 

After they had been staying there for a while, a new family came. It was a father, mother, and son Peter.

Being in hiding was very difficult time. They were only allowed to walk and talk for certain times of the day and were never 

allowed to leave the house. This was very hard for Anne but during all this free time, she would record all of what was happening 

in her diary that she got for her thirteenth birthday. She always dreamed of having it published for everyone to see. They stayed 

in hiding for more than two years.

In the morning of August 1944, German police stormed in and arrested them all. They were considered criminals. The 

men were separated from the women into Jewish camps. The Nazis were brutal. Of the 1,029 passengers, 549 - including little 

children- were sent to gas chambers. Anne was 15 at this time. She was made to strip naked to be disinfected, had her head 

shaved and was tattooed with an identifying number on her arm. Anne and her sister Margot were sent to an infirmary. They 

were transported but the mom stayed and died of starvation. Anne and Margot died form a terrible disease. Anne died age 15 in 

March, 1945.

Her dad was the only one that survived. he discovered the diary that she kept and it got published just like she dreamed. 

We know so much about her because of her diary. The place where they were in hiding is now a museum. Anne didn't have a 

life like ours. Every day she was nervous that it would be the day when they would get caught and killed. Anne is my hero 

because she was my age and had to go through so many more troubles than I will ever have to. She shows bravery and 


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