Anne Frank

by Nadya from Jakarta

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Anne Frank

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. After Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany rose, the father of Anne, Otto Frank, moved his new family to Amsterdam, Netherlands. There Anne and her family lived happy up until 1942, during Germany's attacked.

At that time, his family heard their return plan to Germany precisely to the concentration camp. With another 4 Jews, they hid themselves in a room was hidden in the former warehouse of Otto Frank. The Dutch friend who was kind smuggled a small bit of food to them. In the meantime, Anne kept a diary which was given from her father as her thirteen birthday present.

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Anne's diary

She recorded the incidents that happened in her life in her crowded hiding place by means of what was funny and pleasant, so little of sadness or the disaster was implied inside her story. Occasionally, in some, she pried into the small disputes that emerged among the persons who lived jostling in that place.

Moreover, she often dreamed about how pleasant it was under the sun rays and fresh air outside her hiding place. All that she wrote without asking to be pitied. Her life always was full of big hopes. Apart from all of her suffering, Anne could be still writing the sentence like, "I continued to be sure that human kind basically was indeed good." In other parts of her diary, she wrote about the growth of the feeling of Anne's love for the adolescent boy of the other family who lived with them in the hiding place.

After 2 years hiding, they were reported to Germany by a Dutch informant. On August 4 1944, the room of this secret was exposed and the whole family was sent to the concentration camp. Anne's mother died first, was followed by her older sister and then Anne. Their father, Otto Frank, continued to live and published Anne's diary during 1947. Since then her diary was translated into more than 30 languages. Whereas the Frank's and other family's hiding place, in Amsterdam, changed into museum.

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