Anne Frank

by Sarah from Richmond

Anne Frank writing ( (Unknown))
Anne Frank writing ( (Unknown))

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl that lived in Germany during the Holocaust. For her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank's parents gave her a checkered diary. Her first entry in this diary was, "I hope I can confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide to anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support." A couple weeks later, her family was forced to go into hiding from the Nazis. They were caught though, and sent to concentration camps where all of them died except for Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father. When he came back from the concentration camp, he found Anne's diary. Now, Anne Frank is remembered as the face of the Holocaust because of her diary and the realization it brought to the world.

Anne Frank is a hero because she has inspired thousands of people to find the light in situations of difficulty. She opened the hearts of many with her words of hope. Anne Franks perception of the world around her has opened the eyes of millions to the cruelty of the Holocaust and how it affected many people like her. She is a hero because she showed people how discrimination against race and religion can change the most innocent of lives.

I chose Anne Frank because I thought it was amazing how she still changes the lives of many from the words of her diary. To me, diaries aren't supposed to change the world, but after seeing how one person's personal thoughts gave hope and light to the world, it still amazes me. Even as a child, Anne Frank had such virtuous thoughts about the world and what it can be, and that to me was what made me choose her as my hero.

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