Annelise Marie Frank

by Heather from Harrison


Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in the city of Frankfort am Main in Weimer, Germany. Anne was the daughter of Otto and Edith Frank. Anne had an older sister her name was Margot Frank.

Anne and her family were Jews and followed the lifestyle. Anne was a fearless person because she never tried to let her emotions show toward how scared she was of the Nazis taking her and her family away. That’s why she is my hero.

Anne and her family endured so much pain and suffering - like getting diseases in concentration camps, starving, and riding in rail-carts for hours with hundreds of people, feeling like you can’t breathe, or can't move an inch.

Anne is a hero of courage and faith. No matter how bad the situation got, Anne didn’t hold a grudge against the Nazis or anyone. My favorite quote from her is, “Despite everything, I believe everyone is good at heart.” That shows what kind of person she was - a good hearted person who believed everything was going to be okay, even when it wasn’t.

Anne wrote in a diary her father got for her on her 13th birthday. That diary is famous still today. Anne was a strong, courageous person and that’s why she is my hero.

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