Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Alexis from Yukon

Anne Frank is known worldwide. She was caught up in the Holocaust and wrote her life down in her diary whenever she got the chance. After she died her diary was found and published. Her story is incredible and touches peoples hearts. Even though she was just a young girl, her bravery and intelligence is admired by most.

Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929. World War II began when she was very young. When Nazis began to persecute Jewish people, Anne and her family went into hiding. Even though people around her were being murdered for their beliefs, Anne still held on tight to hers. She was brave enough to stand up for what she believed in, even if it meant her death. After two years of hiding her family, friends, and herself were taken to concentration camps. Anne and her sister, Margot, was taken to a camp and later transported to Bergen-Belsen. She later learned that people were gassed upon arrival if they couldn't work, so she believed her father to be dead. Her mother soon died of starvation after her daughters were transported. Anne wished to die because everyone she knew was dead, but she still never gave up her beliefs. Anne soon died of Typhus, a few days after Margot died.

Before the Holocaust began Anne had hopes of becoming a movie actress. She used to slack off on her school work before she told herself to get it together. She knew she had to buckle down if she wanted to reach her dreams. After the war came and Anne went into hiding, even through all the rough times, she still knew that not all people were like the Nazis. She knew that there was still good people in the world and not everyone was out to get her. Anne believed that even those like the Nazis still had a good heart. She had hope for her family, everyone she knew, and more. She kept hope for the world and never doubted that people had good hearts.

Anne had hope and good beliefs. She stood by that and didn't let anyone change her mind. She's extremely admired for that. Her story has given people a better understanding of what happened during the Holocaust. Her story helps people understand that they need to enjoy what they have while they still have it, because people never know when something like the Holocaust could happen and take everything away. Even if that does happen Anne has helped people still have hope. Her contribution to the world is bigger than she'll ever know. Anne's story has touched peoples hearts and given them a different view on many things. She's a hero because she looked death in the face and wasn't afraid to be herself.

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