Alfred Gaither

by Andrea from Van Nuys

My hero Is my Counselor.

What is a hero? Is a hero somebody who gets a cat out of a tree? Or is a hero someone who saves a baby from a fire? That is a hero but are those the only heroes there are in the world? A lot of people have heroes that are not a fireman or a police or doctor. They are the people who make a huge impact on people for just the simplest thing that they do. Do you know a hero? Do you have a hero? I do and his name is Mr. Gaither and he is not a firemen or a policeman. He is my 8th grade counselor. He is married, has two boys, twins I think, and he is an amazing person. He’s the kind of person who you can tell anything to. You don’t have to lie to him. He‘s the type of person that helps you with any problem you may have, whether it‘s about school or home life, anything even like your personal life that no one knows but you. It can be about anything you want to talk about and he will help you in any way he can. He is the most hard working man that I have ever met, other that my dad of course, and it doesn’t matter to him if he misses his lunch as long as he can help you with your problem. He cares about you. He really does not like those teachers that say I want you to graduate but don’t let you make up any work because they don’t accept late work and he will make sure you graduate as long as you put in the effort. He makes everything fair for everybody who he actually believes that they can actually be successful in life and he makes sure almost everybody is happy with their classes and if he doesn’t he will see if he can do anything about it which he tries to do that to everybody that asks if they can change their classes but it also sometimes depends on what grade you have to get in to a certain class but he still helps you and when he can't, he can’t.

The reason why I chose him was because he really listens to you. He doesn’t have to pretend to listen to you because he really cares about you and how you are and how everything is okay with you since the last time you talked to him and you can tell that he listens because he remembers what you said to him about what your problem is or was. When you talk to someone who’s an adult and they ask you are you doing drugs or alcohol, you would lie right? With Mr. Gaither you don’t have to lie to him. You can tell him and he will help you, tell you that you're making a mistake and that you shouldn’t do whatever he thinks is wrong and he wouldn’t tell you that you're stupid. He would tell you that the choice you made was stupid and offer you moral support on quitting or making the right decisions. You can talk to him as long as you have permission from a teacher to go to his office and if he is super busy with other things he will make time for you cause he cares. He would waste his time just to talk to you and make you feel better but sometimes he has meetings but he will talk to you eventually.

The other reason why I chose Mr. Gaither was because he always helps no matter what is going on. He makes you feel safe like when there is a drive-by near, he will make sure that everybody is in a class and not outside or if there is someone who is on campus with a gun, he will get every boy in the nearest building making sure that you don’t get hurt or shot. He is an amazing person because he just cares about what happens to you or anybody else who needs someone to listen to them, Mr. Gaither is the person for you. A lot of people really like him because some people call him the, well, I don’t know what they call him but they sure do show respect for him.

Mr. Gaither is the best person to go to because he gives you good advice about your school stuff, your home problems, even your relationships problems like with your girlfriend or boyfriend, even about your sexuality, you can tell him if you're straight/gay/or bisexual, you can talk to him about it. He won't be like I don’t want to hear that talk about anything else, he helps you even if you have to tell your parents and you don’t want to. He encourages you to not be scared and come out and tell them. He is the most honest person that I have met. He tells you the truth even if it hurts, he doesn’t lie to make you feel better. He tells you the truth so that he can help you, so you can make it better or he makes it better, because in the end he just makes everything okay. You know that you can make yourself better but he is just an improvement to what you could have done. He just makes you feel like the most important thing in the world to him and some people love that feeling and sometimes they need it.

In conclusion Mr. Gaither is the most hard working, love and caring person a middle school can have as a counselor because he put you first at work and he loves us as if we were his children and he makes the best thing out of a worst situation and I am proud to call him my hero. So like I asked in the beginning, do you have a hero cause I sure do and he is the best hero in the world even if he isn’t a fire man or a police. He a regular guy but a hero to me.

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