Alexandra Gerasimenya

by Darya from Slonim

 2012 Summer Olympics in London (
2012 Summer Olympics in London (

Imagine that perfect hero. What's your definition of the perfect hero? Determination, courage, and perseverance is my definition of a hero. I feel that Alexsandre Gerasimenya has all of these qualities, which is why she's my hero.

Aleksandra Viktorovna Gerasimenya is a swimmer from Belarus.She was born 31 December 1985 in Minsk.She specialises in sprint freestyle and backstroke events.Two-time Olympic champion in 2012 (50 and 100 meters freestyle), winner of the gold-winning World and European Championships as the "long water" (50 m pool), and the "short" (25 m pool). Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus (2012).

Despite a two-year ban for a positive test for norandrosterone in 2003, Gerasimenya returned to win gold medals at both the European and World Championships.

Higher Gerasimenya achievements made in 2010-2012. In 2010, she won the European Championships in Aquatics in Budapest at a distance of 50 meters backstroke (where she was second in the 100m freestyle). In 2011, at the World Championships in Shanghai, Alexander shared the first place in the 100 meter freestyle with Danish Jeanette Ottesen. At the end of 2012, she won gold in the 50 meters freestyle in the 25-meter pool, first at the European Championship in Chartres, and then the world championship in Istanbul.In the summer of 2013 she won three gold (50 and 100 meters freestyle, 50m butterfly) and one silver (50m backstroke) at the Universiade in Kazan. At a distance of 50 meters freestyle Gerasimenya won a third straight Universiade.

Alexsandra Gerasimenya is my hero not because she has become famous and holds many records, but how she got there, the paths she took to reach it, and what she has done with her achievements and fame. It's one thing to be famous and an athlete but another thing to be a HERO! Alexsandra is my definition of a hero: determined, courageous, and able to persevere.

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