Adam Gontier

by Raeann from Saskatchewan


I have chosen  Adam Gontier as my hero. The first reason why is because he started out as just an average kid in high school but he made a life out of something he enjoyed. Now he is famous and has won huge awards by simply doing what he loves. Most musicians only are into one aspect of music, they usually only sing or only play drums, etc. Adam is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and song writer for the band Three Days Grace. He also hes is involved with Apocalyptica,  Art of Dying and Big Dirty Band. Not very many people can say they are part of four bands and have three lead roles within one of them. There was several years of his life when he struggled with drugs, but he was able to get clean and stay clean since he got out of rehab. Many people cannot get their lives turned around after something like that.

Adam was born in Norwood Ontario, May 21st 1978. He is currently 33 years old and lives in San Diego. He went to school in Norwood. After he graduated him and his two high school friends that were  in the original band called Groundswell moved to Toronto to continue their music careers. Later on they changed the name of the band to Three Days Grace and Barry Stock joined the band.

Some of the biggest of Adams achievements are winning two BMI pop awards, being nominated for best rock video, best music video, and best international video by a Canadian. The songs "Break", "Riot", "Animal I Have Become", "I Hate Everything About You", and "Never To Late" all made the top five rock songs list, and he has also released songs with the three other bands he is involved with.

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Even though his life mostly revolves around his music his wife is still very important to him. Her name is Naomi Brewer; they met in high school and got married in 2004. They don't have any kids but he has a god-daughter. Another reason why he is my hero that might sound really cheesy is because of how important his dog, Mabel, is to him. People have mistaken Mabel to be his daughter because of the way he talks about her. That is important to me because I like animals so much.

Adam Gontier is my hero because he has overcome things in his life most people can't even imagine having to deal with, he loves his dog so much people think she is his daughter (I know that sounds really cheesy but I love animals so that means a lot to me). He is not only in one band but four, and he plays three lead roles in the band he created in high school. The most important part is that he didn't originally plan on becoming famous and releasing songs that would be in the top five list for Canada. He and his friends simply started playing because it gave them something to do in their spare time and they enjoyed doing it and look where it took them.

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