Alejandra Gonzalez

by Juvenal from Hawthorne

Just Try Your Best
I took this picture about two months ago. (I created this picture.)
I took this picture about two months ago. (I created this picture.)

She always wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face even though she knows that it will be a difficult day. She wakes up smiling for one reason and one reason only. To make others feel good about themselves. To help others when they are not at their best. She is unique fighter.

After she wakes up she starts singing in the morning any song that comes to her head. She kept our family up and running when times got tough. Just by being her and by doing what she usually just did to make herself feel good. She regrets many things that she has done but one thing she won't regret is helping others and making them smile and feel good about themselves.

Whenever someone has a question she always seems to have the perfect and honest answer for them. She has given me so much advice about school, friends, and life in general that she has basically taught me all that I know. She has encouraged people to keep on fighting; she makes people believe that there is hope that someday the world will be a better place if you become something great.

She was the woman of the house when my mom had trouble with illnesses. She volunteered to help out all she could even though she was just eleven years old. She fought through and brought hope to my mom, my dad, and me. She did all of the chores, did extra chores, helped me out with my homework, encouraged me to keep on fighting, encouraged my mom to keep on fighting.

I ask her "Why do you put all these responsibilities on your shoulders, when you already have a lot to worry about for yourself?" She always responds saying, " I want you to be successful in life and I want my parents to live a good long and healthy life. Thank you, Ale, for being you and helping us at all times.

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