Alison Gopnik

by Stella from Mission Viejo

Alison Gopnik (her website (Alison Gopnik))
Alison Gopnik (her website (Alison Gopnik))

"It's not that children are little scientists - it's that scientists are big children. Scientists actually are the few people who as adults get to have this protected time when they can just explore, play, figure out what the world is like". Alison Gopnik, is a caring mother, and a hardworking psychology and philosophy professor at UC Berkeley. And she believes babies and children's' thoughts can change the world! Gopnik talks and listens to children. And really tries to understand them. She has theories that children have the same learning mechanisms as scientists. I needed an inspiration, and a motivator on what career I wanted to pursue. Gopnik is the perfect example, of what I want to be. She pays a lot of attention to kids, and helps others. She has a good relationship with her family, and is a very strong and intelligent women.. I want to be just like her, when I am older.

Psychology is the study of human behavior, observing how people relate to one another. One typically needs a doctoral degree or specialist degree in psychology, though a master's degree is sufficient for some positions. Being that Gopnik is a psychology professor, it is similar to being an actual psychologist. I know that the type of job has to do with working with people, and helping them out. Another job that would fit me is a nurse, or maybe a psychologist. They both are attentive to people's needs, and there to listen and help. Psychologist's salary ranges from $69,280 per year or $33.31 per hour, according to It is such an interesting job, and makes a good pay, especially you want to have a family.

Alison Gopnik was always a wise and intelligent young woman. She was very hardworking in high school, and always knew what she wanted to do, according to her website ( She was officially a professor at Berkeley University of philosophy, and psychology, according to her personal webpage. She was determined to get what she wanted. She always had good grades, and was very responsible in all activities. Gopnik grew up in Philadelphia, PA. She went to McGill University, and received a B.A majoring in psychology and philosophy, in 1975. Five years later, she went to Oxford University, and received a D.Phil. in experimental psychology. She worked at the University of Toronto, and then joined the faculty at UC Berkeley in 1988.

Gopnik believes in listening to children's thoughts, and really believes that they can help us. Being a psychologist, you interact with so many people, and listen to their lives. Which is something I want to do, I want to meet new people, and learn about their past, and guide them to where they should be. Most people hate psychologists, because they don't want to talk about their problems, and are living a dark life, and haven't found their main purpose in life. I want to help and guide them to a better state of mind. "We are so made, that we can only derive intense enjoyment from a contrast and only very little from a state of things." This quote is from psychologist Sigmund Freud and it explains how everyone needs a change now and then. Most people that go to psychologists, are lost and caught up in the bad world, and need to change the way they think. Gopnik has helped many change their state of mind, and guided them to better place.

Following Alison Gopnik, I want to take psychology and AP psychology in high school, and pursue what she did. I should really start joining clubs, and sports, if I want to get in a good college. I have always wanted to go to UC Berkeley, which is ironic, because Gopnik is a professor there. I hope to major in psychology; I need to study hard and pay very close attention in class, if I want to succeed. During college, I could intern in a psychology office, and see a day in the life of a psychologist. I want to be able to help people personal problems, and enlighten them with good advice, that will help them live a happy life. I also am very excited and eager to start a family. My main goals in life are to obtain the job I want, have a close family, and live a happy life, all of which Alison Gopnik models so well.

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