Al Gore

by Alexandra from Lafayette Hill

Al Gore used his fame and his own image to help the people around the world stop global warming which is why he uses his caring nature and intelligence to reshape our planet. Al Gore was the Vice President for Bill Clinton. After he was out of office he ran for president and lost. Then he began to start a climate project called “Repower America.” Al Gore is an environmental activist who is trying to save our earth from global warming. Al’s project is trying to help prevent the next ice age. He also wants to save animals by saving our earth. His Climate project “Repower America” focuses on trying to make our world a better place for animals and people to live. “Repower America” wants people to stop polluting and littering our world so that animals can live a happier and healthier life.

Al Gore cares for our earth so much that he has global projects all around the world. He teaches the world that this is a global responsibility. His program is saving our earth, which is exactly what I want to do. Caring is a great way to describe him, because he is not one of those guys who try to help the earth and fail. Every time he fails, he gets right back up and either tries again or thinks of something different. Al Gore is not only caring about the earth and its animals, but he is caring for the people who live in it. People think that he is an amazing person who cares for everyone.

Al Gore is also intelligent because he made a movie called “The Inconvenient Truth” which is based on what could happen to earth if we don’t change our ways on how we treat the earth. He made the movie so that he could get people to focus and repair the earth. His movie won an Oscar because of how many people watched it and the effect it made on people’s lives. Without his movie, only a few people would be taking care of our earth. His intelligence is helping to keep our earth a healthier place to live.

Al Gore wants people to think about the future and how the earth could die if we don’t change our ways. We still have to make the present a healthier and more comfortable place to live in the future. We all have to participate in helping animals, the earth, and each other. Al Gore is my hero because I want to save the earth’s animals from becoming extinct. If one important little animal like plankton becomes extinct, then that means small fish will be extinct then bigger fish will be extinct and so on. The one thing that we need to is to help our earth.

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