Andrew Christopher Gower

by Mehmet from Mississauga

This is actually a picture of andrew gower in 2001 (
This is actually a picture of andrew gower in 2001 (

Andrew Gower is my hero because he has shown me some of my most important things I have learned in my life. Firstly, he has shown me never to give up. Secondly, that you have to make your own goals in life and lastly about rules in life. I have been playing his game he made for now...5 years. I have to tell you, it is an amazing game yet too addicting, too hard to stop and the major thing that players quit is because there is no point of this game. It's a game where you can imagine and it will happen, a game where if you dream and try hard enough, you can achieve it and to spend time.

This picture is runescape 3 years ago when runesc (
This picture is runescape 3 years ago when runesc (

Firstly, Andrew Gower has shown me never to give up because even he never gave up. He was in a dead end situation. He had just bought 3 game servers and a DOT COM. Yet, he had no way to pay for all of this so then he started to rely on people's donations but sooner or later, found out that wasn’t the best idea to go with so he had made "Members". Members are P2P players which stands for pay to play instead of F2P which stands for free to play. Members have more features, skills, items...etc... Then business started going and now he and his brother have made 215 million dollars making them 654th richest men in the world. What had also given him more influence and money was because he didn’t ever give up. If he would have given up, then all that work for 2 - 3 years would have gone down the drain. Then he also made an advertisement which also gave him money and then a partnership with wild tangent and Runescape’s advertisement.

a picture of a guy in Runescape Classic getting 9 (
a picture of a guy in Runescape Classic getting 9 (

Secondly, he has shown over 6 million Runescape players, to set your own goals. Runescape is the best way to set your own goals because it shows you that you have to set your own goals to achieve what you want. They don’t force you to play Runescape, they just give it to you for free or to pay. Runescape has no point to the game because it is all about what you put into it. If you put a lot of time and effort in the game, you will get amazing stats. They make this game to be addicting and to teach you about stuff. You even learn about ore, like copper and tin can make bronze, coal and iron can make steel. What is really weird is that when they make this game, you see high level players and you’d be like...yeah, I would like to have that. Then you play for hours and hours trying to get that "item" and even days or months trying to get a "99 stat."

Lastly, The game also shows you about the rules of life. If you swear in this game, you might get a punishment such as getting banned. If you try scamming someone’s items, then you might get banned. If you try asking for personal information, you can get banned. The game shows you not to try and look for the easiest way to make money which is probably a scam. An example is if someone says "TRIMMING AMOUR! FREE!" it is obviously a scam. If someone says "RUNESCAPE GOLD! $6.00! AT RUNESCAPEGOLD4CHEAP.COM!" If you ever play, you will find how much security they have. 1 year ago, you could Marco and do whatever you want [except swear] and Runescape’s economy was going GREAT! But then ON JANUARY 7TH, RUNESCAPE HAD THE BIGGEST RIOT OF ALL TIME!, A RIOT THAT CHANGED RUNESCAPE FOREVER! The massive riot that caused 60,000 thousand Runescape members to quit. The massive riot was caused by the new "trade limit rule." In the riot, Runescape members were saying "WE PLAY TO PK," "BAD JAGEX," "WE QUIT BECAUSE OF JAGEX," "EVIL JAGEX" AND ALSO THE DEADLY WORDS... "WE PAY TO PK." Resulting in losing over $300,000 dollars. The riot that had caused Runescape’s economy to DIE!

I really like Runescape, it is by the far best game I have ever played. It has shown me about new things I never learned before. It is more than a game, more than an idea, it’s a new world. A world with magic and ranging. A world that you can do basically anything. A world were impossible is nothing. It’s a new adventure to newcomers. This "New" world has given me an experience of a lifetime.

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