Amanda Grabowski

by Sabrina from Mission Viejo

"I just love the excitement of the emergency room. You see a little bit of everything."

Amanda Grabowski is an Emergency Room nurse at Mass General Department of Emergency Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. She was on a television show called, “Boston Med”. It was a documentary about the real people that are doctors and nurses in Boston. Amanda Grabowski is a great ER nurse. She cares about what she is doing and works hard everyday.

To become a nurse someone would have to go to nursing school and become a registered nurse. As an ER nurse someone would have to take care of the patients that come in to the ER and assist the doctors as they work on the patients. An ER nurse can make about $65,130 a year and the longer they work, and the better they are at their job, the more money they can make. There are many nursing jobs out there besides being an ER Nurse. Some include being an OR (Operating Room) Nurse, a Pediatric Nurse, or a Nurse Practitioner.

Amanda Grabowski attended Salem State College for nursing school in Salem, Massachusetts. Stated in an article on the ABC Good Morning America website, she was inspired to become a nurse by her Aunt Kathy. She considered herself to be shy and quiet as a kid, but she was very independent and knew how to take care of herself. She always had to take care of herself as a kid and now she gets to take care of others. On the Massachusetts General Hospital website it is said that in her career as a nurse she was twice awarded Harvard Emergency Medicine Nurse of the Year.

As a nurse Amanda Grabowski helps the sick and injured people that come into the ER. She takes care of them so they can be at their best once again. She is also very involved in her community. She serves as a member of the Magnet Committee and the Sexual Assault Committee. Throughout her career and life she is always helping the other people around her.

To become an ER nurse like Amanda Grabowski I will have to work hard throughout high school and college. In high school my goal is to take a R.O.P class having to do with the medical field. Also I want to volunteer at a hospital in order to gain some experience in a hospital environment. My goal for college is to go to a good nursing school that will train me to be a great ER nurse. As an adult I would like to have a successful career as an ER nurse like Amanda Grabowski.

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