Ariana Grande

by Shalena from Tracy

This is my report and I hope you really like it.

My hero's name is Ariana Grande. The reason I chose Ariana Grande is because she is caring. How she is caring is she cares about how we need music. She also cares not just for me but for all of us. Something Ariana needs is she needs to make more music. Ariana Grande is super fun to write about. I love writing about Ariana Grande because she is an honest person and is super silly and is the perfect person to write or type about.

Another reason that I chose Ariana Grande is because of her citizenship. How she has citizenship is that she is one of our nice citizens. Another reason is because she volunteered to community service. Also she is helpful for all people. She is super nice and if I were your teacher I would tell the class that we are going to a My Hero report and after you did it and you were done you would be so happy you did that report.

Also another reason I chose Ariana Grande is because of her fairness. That reason is because she will never cheat people out at her concerts. Another thing is she helps us make music. She is nice for people and has a lot of fans including me. I love writing about Ariana Grande. She is awesome to me and I am sure everybody else feels the same way.

Also Ariana Grande has responsibility. That reason is because she helps people. She is responsible for her music. Her acting. And also she is helpful. She has to use manners. Ariana Grande is the best person to write about and I love her. Only as my favorite singer, not like my family or anything. I really am happy that I wrote this report because it was fun and it was worth it.

This is my report for my project at my and no matter how hard it might seem... it is not that bad. This report was so fun and guarantee that you ask your teacher to do this report. If your teacher says anything close to yes, then you might want to jump up and scream because this report is so worth it. You are taking this advice from a fifth grader. My name is Shalena.

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