Alan Grant

by Audrey from Los Angeles


My dad, Alan Grant, is my hero because he's very watchful and cares about others so much. He has helped so many people in his life and I look up to him because of that. One time he saved a girl's life.

Every year we go to Hawaii but when I was in third grade my dad saved a girl's life. It all started on a beach at a hotel. We just came back from a long day and we were resting on a beach packed with people. I begged my dad over and over to go on the water slide with me where the pool area was. After 5 minutes of pestering, he finally said yes. When we reached the slide the pool filled with people relaxing, splashing around the water along with playing. I went down the winding slide and my dad followed. It plunged us straight into the massive hoard of people in the water. The pool was about 5 feet deep so I could barely reach my head over the water's surface.

As we swam back to the steps my dad saw a girl about my age who looked like she was holding her breath. After 30 seconds of watching her he told me to wait here and he went looking for the girl he saw. When he patrolled the edges of pool he finally looked down, there she was on the bottom of the pool. He started to panic and picked her up from the bottom of the pool, but as he did he noticed she was dead. People started to disperse out of the once-filled pool. She had purple lips and her limp body dangled from my dad's arms. He started to yell at the only two lifeguards watching the pool. They started to run over as my dad pulled her lifeless body out of the pool. He laid her down near the curb of the pool and asked the lifeguards if they knew CPR. But the lifeguards did not and he had to give her CPR.

People started to crowd over her and started to run out of the pool. I leaped out of the water and went around the area. I didn't see much because there was so much chaos up at the pool area. Finally she started to sit up and spit water out, then she started to cry and scream. Her mother didn't understand any English and started to scream and wonder what was going on. When she noticed that her daughter was almost killed. She started to cry and her daughter went with her and they went to the hospital to see if anything was damaged. The paramedics soon told my dad that she had seizure and suffocated in the pool. They told him that she didn't know how to swim and fell in when she had the seizure. I was scared to I go into the pool after that. They told him without his help she would have died.

I look up to my dad for all the other brave and hard things he's ever done. He's quick thinking and doesn't give up no matter how impossible other people think things are. I've always been so close to my family and I look up to my parents for all the things they've done in their lives

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