Ana Grozav

by Ana-Maria from Chisinau

My mother is the person that always takes care of me and helps me in difficult situations, that's why i consider her my hero. She doesn't wear a hero costume like Spider-Man or The Women Cat, she doesn't save the world from enemies,but she is the person that keeps me alive. My mother is stronger and much better than a hero, she cooks food for us,she cleans our clothes,she helps me to do my homework,she takes care of me,my sister,my father and she gives me the best and the smartest pieces of advice.

My mother is not like other heroes,she doesn't work alone.My father is her partner,together they make a great team that always saves my family from danger.My mother is a hero for me and i think that for every kid his(her) mother is a hero too.Every mother protects her kids from danger and enemies,sometimes maybe too much because a kid means everything for a mother.

Every hero has a strategy,and i think that my mother's strategy is love,because my mother's love always makes me stronger,healthier and happier.I'm not thankful for my mother only for saving my life,i am thankful and for giving me this wonderful life.I'm so proud that i have such an amazing super-mother.

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