Austin Gutwein

by Ty from St. Catharine's

Austin Gutwein with basketballs
Austin Gutwein with basketballs

My hero is Austin Gutwein. Austin Gutwein is a hero to me because he started hoops of hope and builds buildings, wells and he tries to find a cure for Aids. Hoops of Hope is an organization that Austin Gutwein made and what you do is you shoot a a free throw and you donate money and every dollar raised from that will go to kids and orphans in Africa that have Aids.

He took action because he found out that there were kids that are just like him that are suffering, dying and becoming orphans. Almost every free throw saves an orphan's life. This is why I picked Austin Gutwein to be my hero.

When he started this he shot 2,057 free throw shots and that counted as how many children would be orphaned during that day. In his first year he raised 3,000 dollars and helped 8 orphaned children through World Vision.

Austin Gutwein is 14 years old and he lives in Arizona and the reason he started helping people because he saw a movie in his class about children’s parents dying from Aids and what happens when they are orphaned.

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