Austin Gutwein

by Tye Hernandez from Brea, CA

What comes to mind when you think of a hero? A hero is someone who is greatly admired for their noble qualities and achievements. Austin Gutwein was an ordinary boy who learned at a very young age to never stop trying and to care for others who are less fortunate. Most kids would rather earn money to get a new toy or game, while Austin wanted get money to help others, young kids in Africa who were suffering and not living the usual lifestyle that he was used to seeing. He saw that many kids had to walk seven or eight miles daily just to get to school. Some kids had a life threatening disease called HIV Aids. Austin knew that something must be done and would not give up. Austin Gutwein is a good example of a hero through his many accomplishments and good traits.

Austin is a young hero through his many wonderful traits that allowed him to succeed and help others. Some words that would describe him would be considerate, friendly, and determined. For example, he was nice and considerate because he thought of others and not just himself. He was friendly and wrote to other kids in Africa to try to make them feel better and forget all that was going on in their everyday life. A way he shows determination is because he did not stop raising money after his first event, he kept going and was determined to help as much as he possibly could. Austin was lucky to have such wonderful traits because they helped him to accomplish so many things that benefit many people.

Austin Gutwein had many great accomplishments that were helpful to many people. He is the founder Hoops-of-Hope which the largest shoot-a-thon in the world. Austin altogether has been able to raise over three million dollars through Hoops-of-Hope and all the money goes to help children in Africa who are suffering from HIV Aids. He also built two medical clinics, a high school for 1,000 students, two hope centers in Swaziland, he started a water project in Kenya, and is currently building a high school in India. However many people see Austin as hero through all he has been able to achieve, one may argue that he was not hero material.

On the other hand, some people believe Austin could have done more to help out the world in different ways. Although he was able to raise three million dollars, he gave all that money to children with Aids, and aids research while there was many other causes that need money. Children were not living the normal lives we are used to seeing, but the adults were not living any better. All the money went to the children and not to the adults who needed help just as much. While many people debate about whether Austin Gutwein is a true hero, he should still be greatly remembered for all the good he has brought to the world.

Austin Gutwein is a hero because he was able to help others in need. He heard about children if Africa who were suffering from HIV AIDS, and knew something must be done. He created Hoops of Hope, which is the biggest shoot-a-thon in the world and all the money goes to help benefit kids in Africa. He was able to build two medical clinics, a high school for 1,000 students, two hope centers in Swaziland, he started a water project in Kenya, and is currently building a high school in India. Austin has been able to touch the lives of many people and help others that could not help themselves. Do you think Austin Gutwein is a true hero?

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