Andrea Harmeyer

by Ariana from Pickerington

To me, a Hero is someone you look up to, who cares for you, and helps you when you need it most. A Hero is someone you can depend on, and is always there for you. I think it isn't that important to have a hero in your life, but it would be good to have one. You could still live your life without one, but it would be better if you had someone there to look up to.

My hero would be my Mom. She has been by my side through think & thin. She's always glad to help anyone and I can depend on her for anything. She's caring, and whenever someone has a problem or issue, she's there to help and fix it. My mom should be in the Hero Hall of Fame because she inspires me how to live my life through her being my example.


1.) Who is your personal hero and why?
Answer: "Jesus because he died for everyone."

2.) Do you like having a hero in your life?
Answer: "Yes."

3.) Do you think it's good to have a hero?
Answer: "Yes."

4.) What do you like most about having a hero?
Answer: "Having an example on how to live."

5.) What is your biggest weakness?
Answer: "Change."

6.) What is your biggest strength?
Answer: "Commitment."

7.) Who do you respect?
Answer: "Teacher's of any kind."

8.) Are you more caring/helpful?
Answer: "Helpful."

9.) What do you not like about yourself?
Answer: "Having to have control over stuff."

10.) What do you like about yourself?
Answer: "I like that I'm funny."

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