Aitzaz Hasan

by Micah from Westchester

This is Aitzaz Hasan ( ())
This is Aitzaz Hasan ( ())

A heroic person is someone who makes people happy or does something courageous. They are also selfless and empathetic. Empathy is when someone has a problem you have gone through it to and you know how it feels.That's pretty much what Aitzaz Hasan. This is about his life,what he did and how it happened.

Aitzaz Hasan's Life was like any other. He lived with his mom,dad, and two sisters. He lived normally and went to school every day. He wasn't rich he was just a normal kid with a normal life in Pakistan. He had his basic amount of meals a day just like you. That's how his daily life worked.

Aitzaz Hasan did one very amazing thing. Aitzaz Hasan sacrificed his life. He stopped a suicide bomber from entering his school and killing everybody in it. He was honored where he lived but nowhere else. That is what he did he saved thousands of lives.

This is what happened. Aitzaz Hasan was tardy to school. So he couldn't go to the assembly so he waited outside with his friends. They spotted a man with a bomb on his jacket. Then his friends told him not to confront the suicide bomber, when said that he wanted to confront him. He ignored their warnings and it cost him his life. That is what happened.

So that is what happened. That is why Aitzaz Hasan is such an amazing person. He was given great praise by his people.But just about nobody else knows about him. That is Aitzaz Hasan's life story. -Micah B.

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