Audrey Hepburn

by Ayjan from Bishkek

Every girl has a peacemaker in her mind, sometimes they don't admit that. But they could give you some inspiration or power, even just a smile when you think of them. I don't think peacemaker has to be a real person. When I was a child, I used to see the Disney princesses as my peacemakers when I get mad at something or someone. They are always beautiful and kind to people , they are smart and wise , they still keep calm even they are facing a bad witch not a naughty boy as my brother. But now I found there is a real lady who has both beauty and talent.

She is Audrey Hepburn. Her angel-like face is not a secret. She has thick eyebrows, lake-like eyes, long lashes, cute nose, smiley lips, slim neck and sculptural outline. And her inner beauty is also like a diamond. She is a UNICEF ambassador, she helped sick children to find some reason to love this world again. I have watched a lot of her movies, the first one was "Roman Holiday". In this film she was a noble, elusive royal princess. She seemed to have everything, but she wasn't happy at all. She couldn't laugh so much, just slightly nod her head and wave her hands with smile. She had to speak in public several times a day, because she is a princess, she had to be as perfect as a doll. She doesn't expect so much, just wants to try pajamas not regular royal nightwear. Before being a princess, she was just a girl who was supposed to dance and have fun with her friends at this age. So I think in some ways, we are more fortunate than her. We don't need to take care of whole country. just ourselves. We could laugh as much as we can, we could go anywhere with any like we want. One day she couldn't afford the pressure at all, she decided to escape for one night, then she met a guy who was a reporter. He knew that she was a princess, but in the end he fell in love with her. He didn't send the crazy photos when they were together to public. At the end, she went back to where she belonged. They met each other but just a princess face to a ordinary man, but from their eyes there are much more stories, tears and love. I can't forget the scene which she sat in the center square, eating ice-cream under the sunshine. She even cut her hair as short as possible but still so pretty. I realized that happiness won't come itself but if you try to find, it shows. Her adventure and casualness , her elegance and responsibility. She didn't run away with her love, just sacrificed her happiness to the future of her country. So what can I complain about? I have the most important thing called "freedom".

She is the kind of lady who takes sunshine besides her. She is so positive in life, always has passion like a teenage girl. Because of the love of life, I think life also loves her, that's why even she got old but still so charming. She said, "The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years". I think she is right, everyone is afraid of getting old and die, but if we can even enjoy the wrinkles on our face, and see them as a gift which time gave us for our hardworking, at that time we will be really strong and happy. These are all I learned from her, be a girl who loves life and help people as much as we can. God won't mistreat you~~



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