Audrey Hepburn

by Helena from San Antonio

Audrey is a great person and is one of the most famous actress''

Audrey is a great person she was a great woman and had two nicknames: Katherine and Ella. She is also called Hollywood because she was a natural superstar and is very important. She is the only American actress that lived in a town that Hitler took over and, after the situation, she changed her name to her stepmother's name.

She was born May 4th 1929. And died at the age 65 of appendix cancer. She lived in Belgium and England during her career. She is also famous for her movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. She also was the only child and had a father who she had no longer lived with her because he had an affair with their nanny and her father eventually got married with her.  Audrey had to step brothers,  Ian and Alexander.

She had one partner that helped her achieve her goal of being a actress. His name was Robert Wolders. He had been working with her since she first started her business. She was a very beautiful person she has a trend of having her hair in bows and wearing ascots, and skinny dresses. She is remembered as a lovable girl. She had one dog.  Her brothers also died; little Ian died at eight and Alexander died at 4.

She also had a stepsister named Kathrine. Her sister was a American citizen. and she was also her stepsister. She was practically the only child. She got married to James Hanson  and her grave is in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. She got fourteen awards and was nominated twenty-one times.

"You will discover two parts of life, one for you and one for others."
"Everything i learned i learned from movies"
"I never think of myself as an icon, i think of myself as a woman."

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