Audrey Hepburn

by Jessica from Colorado Springs

Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4th, 1929. She was a British actress and a humanitarian. She was a ballet dancer and one of the world's most famous actresses. She was also in World War Two. She won many awards such as the Tony, Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy. She definitely earned her work.

She acted in many movies. She acted in Roman Holiday, The Nun's Story, and, one of my favorites, Sabrina. She loved to be in movies and did many more. Before she died she did a total of thirty-one high quality movies. She was also a dancer before she died and loved that too, but thought that acting might be able to get her life stories out there.

Audrey lived in about three places for most of her life. When her parents divorced she moved to London with her mother. While she was there she went to an all girls public school. She also went to America to act some. She also lived in Switzerland for the last thirty years of her life. She died in January 1993, at age sixty-three. In that lifetime she really made an impact on everyone who has seen her.

She is my hero for many reasons. One of them being she was an actress just like I want to be when I get older. She was a great role model and was kind hearted. She also was not afraid of following her dreams no matter what happened and for that she is my hero.

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